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About the member
When becoming a member

@Movie and the image on the bought page can be seen.
About payment

@‘Payment company@F@Verotel
@‘Card@F@Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Euro card
@‘Membership@F@30 days
To become a member

@1.@The logo on the page to be bought is clicked.
@2.@fill all necessary information.
@3.@Afterwards, mail that describes your ID(Usercode) and PW(Passcode) will be received.
@4.@Please do login based on the mail.

@‘About purchase
@@@The membership of this site is 21 years old or more.
@@@Please acknowledge refusing the member registration in less than 21 years old.
@‘About secession
@@@There is no necessity that the user does the secession procedure.
@@@The time limit of ID will cut in 30 days.
@‘About the cancellation and the repayment
@@@After issuing ID, any reason will do neither the cancellation nor the repayment.
@@@Please take care.
Please enjoy Spanking Movie.
Thank you.

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