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Moreover, the late riser habit begins to appear after a while though MISAKI that receives, and reflects on late riser's what-for ahead.

The start takes care about late.
However, late increases gradually.
After all, it oversleeps every day.

It was MISAKI that was called by the punishment room, and received a severe what-for again this time.

Last time is MISAKI that receives a severe what-for that doesn't become a comparison thing.

Hips of MISAKI are dyed red.
MISAKI supplicates pardon while screaming.

However, the hand that beats hips doesn't stop.

y MISA z

Usual MISA is a bright, positive woman.

but,MISA that rages by the transient emotion.
Obstinate MISA.

MISA because it felt right that visits the punishment room later.


@Price: @@@@$16.00
@Details: 68 min@,47 pic
@Bamboo swordEminipaddleECainERiding whip

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